Helpful resources. Courtesy of Abide Counseling.

Abuse Chronology A chart that helps abuse victims identify the traumatic events in their lives.
Bible Relationships A chart for studying the types of relationships in Scripture.
Biblical Affirmations Bible passages that can be recited to affirm and encourage yourself and others.
Blessed Are the Peacemakers A document that helps spell out the steps of reconciliation.
Breaking Cycles A diagram series to help you regain self-control in the midst of a conflict.
Breath Away Stress A step-by-step guide to deep breathing and relaxation.
Distorted Thoughts A list of maladaptive, unhealthy styles of thinking that help you identity yours.
Do I Have Love An assessment that systematically helps us identify our need for more of Jesus’ love.
Establishing Empathy with E.A.R. A simple three-pronged approach to effective active listening.
F.A.R. Thought Control A three-step cognitive-behavioral therapy process for thought management and replacement.
Fact Feeling and Follow-through A three-step guide for expressing your relational needs while respecting others.
F.A.R. Feeling Words A list of feeling words to help expand emotional vocabulary.
Gracious Assertiveness A guide for how to use assertiveness to overcome passivity and the other extreme, aggression.
Important Urgent Matrix An exercise to help you sort out and make time for the things most important in your life.
Mind Your Anger A guide for anger management.
Parenting Evaluation A guide to assessing parenting skills and needs.
Sex Out of Bounds Unhealthy, unbiblical sexual practices
Social Skills 101 A guide to basic social skills
The Five C's of Choosing a Courtship Partner A guide for identifying characteristic desirable in a life partner.
The Johari Window An exercise designed to help people be more open while keeping good privacy boundaries.